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Water Purification Products: UV water purifier. Water purification system developed with most advanced UV technology
Steripure (Savory Model)

SteriPure: -An Instant Health Care water purifier with portable option by Advanced UV and Microprocessor Technology

PRODUCT PROFILE: The Ganga Enviro System is producing one of the unique and advanced residential water dispenser system for world market. The product is first of its kind in the world for residential water purification. The water filter removes harmful impurities and destroys bacteria while improving taste and water quality. The system is compact and portable while inheriting natural purification principles. Salient features of the products.

  • Advanced water purifier with microprocessor and UV technology
  • Destroys complete microbes and purifies the water at molecular level
  • Water quality is measured by sensor and controlled by microprocessor
  • User friendly system with visible water quality indication
  • Water purifier is compact, sleek, handy and portable
  • Designed to meet international water quality standards

SteriPure Water Purifiers use the scientifically advanced disinfecting power of ultraviolet light with combined proprietary Filter media to provide the ultimate in pure water. SteriPure Water Purifiers are portable, rugged, simple and handy to use and provide the safety assurances that no single technology water filter can provide. The system works to purify the water at DNA/RNA level to completely destroy biological contaminants like bacteria, viruses and cysts while removing heavy metals such as Lead, Chromium, Chlorine, Pesticides and other chemicals at molecular level. The SteriPure produces totally safe and pure drinking water and makes it available in limitless amounts with a great taste. The system works independent of power supply with a rechargeable battery and can be used in areas of natural disasters.

An important feature to the SteriPure Water Purifier is the use of ultraviolet light to destroy microorganisms in the water. Water quality and UV light is completely controlled and administered by Microprocessor. Microprocessor based controller provides the ultimate in user friendliness. This advanced feature in water technology not only keeps track of the amount of time the filters and ultraviolet lamp have been installed, but also alerts the user 30 days in advance when its time to replace the filters.

SteriPure Systems are very compact, sleek, and are operated by microprocessor, which controls all filter functions. The water purification systems are designed to meet international quality standards and company is working in close association with reputed international organizations like WQA and NSF. Using the SteriPure system one can further purify and even test the quality of bottled water. The SteriPure Water Purifiers provide the purest water for drinking, cooking, and ice at an affordable price which is one tenth of bottled water price. The systems are affordably priced and professionally serviced. Each filter system comes with below minimum three-step process of water purification.

Step 1 - Destroys Microorganisms: 100% of the filtered water is exposed to disinfecting ultraviolet light, which attacks viruses and bacteria by destroying the RNA and DNA complex of these organisms. Once this complex is destroyed, the disease causing viruses, bacteria, and parasites can no longer reproduce.
Step 2 - Reduces Heavy Metals: The proprietary filter media reduces the heavy metals such as Lead, Chromium, and Arsenic etc through adsorption and ion exchange processes.
Step 3 - Removes Chemicals, Bad Taste and Odors: Activated carbon is used to adsorb chemical contaminants of light molecular weight such as chlorinated compounds, organic compounds and radon while improving the taste.

Catridge (For Savory Model)

Feature Products : TAP Model

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Water Purification Products: UV water purifier. Water purification system developed with most advanced UV technology