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Water Facts:

  • Clean water is a matter of universal importance. Like air, water is not a choice: we need it to survive.
  • So it is deeply disturbing to learn that drinking water is the #4 health hazard in the United States. Groundwater is the source of drinking water for more than half the population, but is it always safe?
  • Most city water uses treatment methods that were developed near the turn of the 20th century. Even most bottled water is drawn from city sources and not filtered in any way!
  • No wonder millions of consumers in North America are looking for ways to ensure the water they use in their homes is safe.
  • Water gets easily contaminated by any means or source. In case of disasters such as hurricane, earth quake the primary focus is to protect the people from water born diseases.
  • Every year impure water take its toll in schools, offices, restaurants, industries and residences.
  • According to EPA, we drink only 0.33% of total water we consume. That means we drink about 350ml out of 100 liters of water we consume. The rest of the water is used for kitchen, toilet, washing clothes etc. Therefore, it is recommended to purify only the water, which is required for drinking purpose using water purification devices such as POU and POE.

Please refer below site for additional information on drinking water:




Other Agencies/Organizations:

American Water Works Association (AWWA)

Association of State Drinking Water Act Administrators (ASDWA)

Central Puget Sound Water Suppliers' Forum ( A forum to discuss and represent a shared input into the State and regional water supply strategies & programs.)

Department of Ecology
EPA Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water (OGWDW)
EPA Drinking Water and Health Advisories
EPA Drinking Water Academy Training courses
National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Product Certification Listings
USC Foundation for Cross Connection Control and Hydraulic Research
( -Approved backflow assemblies and more )
University Water Information Network
Water Wiser: Conservation/Water-Related Internet Resources

Law and Regulations:

Attorney General Opinions
Code of Federal Regulations

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